Supra with 6speed manual.

2012-11-21 01:39:29
We are now looking for Toyota Supra for parts use.
we need a 6speed manual but the car itself is kind a high.
Take my time lol!


2012-11-19 00:53:42
Pictures in time of Suzuka Twin Circuit.
Taking photos from different angles. Such a hard time to make it complete as a magazine. I'm glad that my car is on the top cover. The New BEATLIVE days has began.

Drift Tengoku (Drift Heaven), is now at the store.

2012-11-18 17:44:17
We are on the top page of Drift Tengoku!
This is our first time on the top page! See it at the book store, maybe convinience store!
The contents is all about our import item called
"Wisefab Lock Kit"
Check it out !

See ya!

We renewed our web site.

2012-11-01 00:00:10